Michael Hinds
Leadership Roles: Strategy, Marketing and Vision; Charter and Annual Goals; Staffing and Contracts; Teaching and Learning; School Website, Handbooks and Prospectus; Environment and buildings; Catholic Character, New family induction and Community, Parish, ADW, MoE and community relationships.
 Image of Cheryl TaylorCheryl Taylor
Deputy Principal and Room 10 Teacher (Year 6)
Co-ordinator Roles: Kōwhai Syndicate Leader, SENCO, Curriculum, Mathematics, Staff Professional Development, Year 6 Camp, Enrichment Programme, and Religious Education and Art Exhibition Teams.
 Anne Minto
Room 2 Teacher
Year 1
Co-ordinator Roles: Mānuka Syndicate Leader, Staff BoT Rep, and the Health, Visual Art and Library teams.
 Image of Mrs Wood
Sarah Wood
Room 3 Teacher
Year 1
Co-ordinator Roles: Within School Community of Learning Teacher; Te Reo Maori, Student Council and Student and Staff well-being teams.
 Image of Fiona Barnett
Fiona Barnett
Room 4 Teacher
Year 2
Co-ordinator Role: Science, School Enviro, SchoolGen Leader; and the Religious Education and Art Exhibition teams,
 Nicole Simson
Room 5 Teacher
Year 3
Co-ordinator Roles: Te Reo Maori, Seasons for Growth Co-ordinator; and the Library team.
Clare Short
Room 6 Teacher
Year 3&4
Co-ordinator Role: Literacy; and the Health, School Production and Choir teams.
Jared Bath
Room 7 Teacher
Year 4
Co-ordinator Roles: Sports and Physical Education team; School Choir.
 Jacqui Miranda
Room 8 Teacher
Years 4 and 5
Co-ordinator Roles: Director of Religious Studies, and Student and Staff Well-Being team;  School Production, Science and Enviro teams.
Michael Havell
Room 9 Teacher
Years 5 and 6
Co-ordinator Role: Staff NZEI Rep; Science and Mathematics teams.
Richard Smith
Room 11 Teacher
Years 7 and 8
Co-ordinator Roles: Student Council, and Te Reo Māori and Literacy team.
Paul Cunningham
Room 12 Teacher
Years 7 and 8
Co-ordinator Roles: PE and Sport; and library team.
 Rebecca Blackwood
Room 13 Teacher
Years 7 and 8
Co-ordinator Role: Kauri Syndicate Leader, Digital Technology; and the Mathematics team.
 Mary Ryan
Part-time teacher
Classroom Teacher release

Co-ordinator Roles: Specialist Teacher Role, Learning Through Play; Classroom CRT

 Fiona Bolger
Classroom teacher release and DP Release
Co-ordinator Role: Social Studies lead and Science/Enviro Team.
 Molly Kelly
Part-time teacher – Classroom Teacher Release
Co-ordinator Roles: International Students, ESOL Teacher, School Production, Staff and Student Well-Being, NZ Sign Language.
Rebecca Haswell
Part-time music teacher (Fridays); Choir Leader.
Shauna McCoole
Part-time classroom teacher release (Thursdays).
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.jpegFiona Maddever
Reading Recovery Teacher (Daily 11:00am – 12:30pm).
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Charmaine-McGowan.jpgCharmaine McGowan
Room 1 Teacher
Co-ordinator Roles: Music and the Arts; Years 1&2 Book Reading Room.