Catholic Character

Read the 2018 Catholic Character Review by the Wellington Catholic Education Centre.


Catholic Character Report Summary

St Benedict’s is described as a family by staff, students and parents.  Words like caring, accepting, inclusive and non-judgmental are used to describe the culture of the school.  The parent community is actively involved in the life of the school, and stakeholders are passionate and positive about the school and what it provides for the children it serves.  Parents interviewed described pastoral care as a strength of the school.

Staff demonstrate unity and passion in supporting the school’s Catholic Character, led effectively by the Principal and the Director of Religious Studies (DRS).  This is evident in the positive and open staff interactions, the welcoming and hospitable approach towards parents and visitors, and the natural and gentle manner of staff interactions with students.  Staff are aware of and responsive to the needs of others.  The students themselves are respectful, courteous, engaged and demonstrate a love for their school.

The NZ Religious Education Curriculum is being implemented and teachers use a variety of ways to engage students in their learning.  The DRS is an experienced and effective leader in all aspects of the curriculum.

The Principal, DRS and DP, together with the Board, demonstrate effective leadership in safeguarding and strengthening the school’s Catholic Character.  Together they are building on a strong legacy that gives witness to the Gospel of Jesus in the way the school educates its students”.

Spiritual Formation
The local Priest participates in the life of the school, visiting classrooms on a rostered basis. Students, Staff and parent community recognise and value his spiritual contribution in the school. The EPIC values of St Benedict’s School, based on the Brigidine values of Empathy, Perseverance, Integrity and Creativity, are taught, modelled and promoted throughout the school.  They underpin the pastoral care and the behaviour management of the school”.
St Benedict’s promotes parish programmes for the Sacraments of Initiation through the school newsletter.  Fr Pete liaises with the Principal or DRS when students and their families request Baptism.

Pastoral Care
The school’s Priest is seen as a caring, pastoral presence in the school.

The school is divided into Buddy classes for a variety of events and activities, and this is an opportunity for the older and younger children to develop relationships of trust and for the older students to model respect and empathy to the younger students.

Staff report that pastoral care is a strength of the school in terms of their own well-being.  A positive, friendly atmosphere exists.

The transitioning into school or between classes of students with particular needs, has a clear and consistent process, providing communication and practical support to students and their families.  Parents spoke highly of this school system and the pastoral care it demonstrates.

Developing our Children’s Minds. Guiding our Children’s Hearts.’