St Benedict’s School Pandemic Plan

New Zealand is currently in RED of the COVID 19 traffic light system. We are currently in Phase 2 of the outbreak. The following restrictions are in place to protect our school community.

It is highly likely that at some point over the next few months you and your whānau may need to isolate and even recover from Omicron. I am sure you have been working on your whānau plan and if you need any guidance, you can check here:

Masks: All children from year 4 up are legally required to wear a face mask. The teachers of these classes will also be wearing a face mask. Masks are not required outside in the playground and our teachers of these classes will be looking for opportunities to teach outside where it is suitable.
Room 6: We have a vulnerable member of our community withing the Room 6 class. We are requesting that the Year 3 tamariki in this class wear masks if they are able to do so safely.

Year 1-3 are not legally required to wear face masks and it is not required of their teachers. However, we welcome those who do wish to wear them and will support them to do so safely

One sick all sick
We will be running a one sick all sick policy for families during RED. If your child has any symptoms that could indicate COVID we ask that they AND their siblings stay home until it is clear it is not COVID.

Systems already in place from the end of year that will continue under RED:
Entering the School’s Grounds – If you don’t need to be on site, then please don’t come on site.
For at least the first couple of weeks we ask that any adults entering the school grounds during the school day, do so for essential purposes only, as this will help to Reduce the number of people on the school grounds.

Appointments must be made for parents, family members or carers to access the school’s buildings

Resuming Staggered Finish at the End of the School Day
• Room 8-13 students will leave at 2:45pm.

• Rooms 2-7 2.50pm.
• Students who attend the After School Care programme will head to the library area, while siblings who connect with their family members at the end of the day can still do so.

Additional measures under RED

To keep our students and staff safe, the following measures have been put in place during RED.

  • There will not be whole-school or syndicate assemblies.
  • All external providers will be covered under the Vaccine Mandate
  • Class will attend EOTC where we will be the sole users of the venue.
  • Lunch orders will resume as normal
  • External music tutors will resume and be asked to mask in lessons with all children. Year 4 up will need to wear mask when attending lessons.
  • Year 7&8 will attend Tech lessons at Mt Cook School
  • There will be no whole-school or syndicate assemblies or performance.

After School Care Programme – Operating as Normal

  • All measures around RED are in place, the staff will be masked and all students, Year 4- up, will wear masks when inside. Masks are not required outside.
  • Email Donna the ASC Supervisor on: or contact Coralie in the school’s office if you are after a casual placing for a given day(s).

Cleaning Processes:

  • All cleaning and sanitising processes from ORANGE remain.

To access our school’s current COVID response planning, please click on the below link.