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St Benedict’s School Handbook 2021

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If your child meets the criteria for preference enrolment, please follow the steps below.

Enrolment Policy and Procedures

Click below to learn about our school’s Enrolment Policy and Procedures.

2021 Enrolment Policy and Procedures

Come and Visit the School

Contact the school and make a time to discuss enrolment and take a tour of the school with the Principal, Tania Savage.  Your child/children are encouraged to accompany you for this visit.

Enrolment Forms

You can:

  • pick up enrolment and preference forms during your visit
  • email the school and request they be posted or emailed to you
  • download the enrolment form here: Enrolment Form 2021
  • download the Parent Code of Conduct form here: Parent Code of Conduct

Obtaining  a Preference Certificate(s)

Please click here for a Preference Certificate to print off and contact the parish office on office@stfrancisohariu.nz, or phone 478 7137

Both Joe Green and Kitty McKinley are the Cardinal’s designated signatories to fill out and sign off a Preference Certificate(s), should the criteria be met.

Return the documents

The following documents are required:

  • Completed application for enrolment form
  • The Parent Code of Conduct
  • Preference Certificate
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • A copy of the baptism certificate
  • The child’s immunisation records.

You will receive an acknowledgement/notification of acceptance within two school weeks.

For New Entrants, invitations are sent to your child by the school’s office to visit the school up to two times prior to their commencement date. During this process a meeting between the Principal, parent(s) and student(s) is held to discuss each students’ needs, along with the completion of all paperwork, uniform purchasing and generally settling each family in to St Benedict’s School.

Please contact the Principal if you have any questions or special considerations to discuss about your child(ren).