Room 6

Room 6 is a Year 3&4 class with 26 happy and EPIC students. We have an awesome teacher named Mrs Short who is caring and helpful. When you walk into our classroom, it is colourful and inspiring. We have written a class treaty to remind us to be gentle, kind, brave and helpful. This treaty is very important to us because it helps us to keep happy and safe.

Every morning we do important work like Reading, Writing and Maths. Later in the afternoon, we do other exciting subjects like Religious Education, Art, Topic and PE. Our school is so lucky because we have experts come to our school to teach us sport skills such as hockey, cricket, soccer, basketball and netball. We go to the library every Thursday and our librarian reads us a story and tells us about all the latest books.

We are excited about 2021, as we want to be the best learners and coolest class at our wonderful school St Benedict’s.