Our classrooms are divided into three syndicates, representing the junior school, middle school and senior school.

Mānuka Syndicate (New entrants to Year 2)

Room 1 – Mrs Charmaine McGowan (Year 0)

Room 2 – Mrs Anne Minto (Syndicate Leader) (Year 1)

Room 3 – Mrs Sarah Wood (Year 1)

Room 4 – Mrs Fiona Barnett (Year 2)

Teacher Aide: Mrs Siobhan Kirk

Kōwhai Syndicate (Years 3 to 6)

Room 5 – Miss Nicole Simson (Year 3)

Room 6 – Mrs Clare Short (Year 3&4)

Room 7 – Mr Jared Bath (Year 4)

Room 8 – Mrs Jacqui Miranda (Year 4&5)

Room 9 – Mr Michael Havell (Year 5&6)

Room 10 – Mrs Cheryl Taylor (Deputy Principal, SENCo and Syndicate Leader) (Year 6)

Teacher Aides: Winnie Newenham, Mary Ann Mulqueen and Emily Newenham

Kauri Syndicate (Years 7 and 8)

Room 11 – Mr Richard Smith (Years 7&8)

Room 12 – Mr Paul Cunningham (Years 7&8)

Room 13 – Ms Rebecca Blackwood (Syndicate Leader) (Years 7&8)

Teacher Aide: Leanne Smart

Part-Time Teachers: Mrs Mary Ryan, Miss Fiona Bolger, Mrs Gillian, Grice, Ms Shauna McCoole, Mrs Molly Kelly

Music Teacher: Mrs Rebecca Haswell (Fridays)

Te Reo Māori Teacher: Mrs Adrienne Troughton (Wednesdays)

Kapa Haka Instructor: Mr Hēmi Prime (Wednesdays)

Reading Recovery Teacher: Ms Fiona Maddever (Daily for 1.5 hours)

Librarian: Position currently  being appointed (Mondays to Thursdays)

Caretaker: Mr Sokry Slayman

Cleaner: Mr David  Sim (Part Time)

Office Manager: Mrs Coralie Purnell

Business Manager: Mrs Emma McCallum

After School Care Programme: Ms Donna Wilson (Supervisor), Ms Feliz Katoa (Deputy), Mrs Emma McCallum, Mr Stephen Hall, Ms Malia Sekeme, Ms Ginevra Miranda

Priest:  Fr Pete Roe

Acting Principal:  Mrs Cheryl Taylor