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We are a Year 1-8 Catholic School that provides an inclusive and stimulating learning environment for our students where they can experience a continuous education from new entrant through to the end of their Primary schooling.

Our school motto ‘Developing our Children’s Minds, Growing our Children’s Hearts’ is about helping the children develop their talents so that they can experience success on a daily basis.

The four symbols of our logo reflect what is important to us at our school:

  • The cross represents Catholic Traditions and the values of St. Benedict’s School.
  • The book represents the school’s commitment to learning and its strong emphasis on high academic achievement.
  • The group of people represents that we are a community who work closely together and build strong relationships with each other.
  • The ball represents children involved and enjoying themselves in sport and having an active life.

We place a strong emphasis on the Gospel Values. Our school’s values: Creativity, Perseverance, Integrity and Empathy have been developed from our Founding Order, the Brigidine Sisters. These underpin everything we do.

If you would like to visit our school, or have a question about our school please contact us.

Phone: 04 479 6878   Email: office@st-benedicts.school.nz

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