Image of Michael Hinds Michael Hinds
Image of Cheryl Taylor Cheryl Taylor
Deputy Principal and Room 10 Teacher (Years 5 and 6)
Co-ordinator Roles: Kowhai Syndicate Leader, SENCO, Curriculum, Staff Professional Development, Year 6 Camp
Image of Anne Minto Anne Minto
Room 1 Teacher
Year 1
Co-ordinator Roles: Manuka Syndicate Leader, Reading Recovery Teacher, Visual Arts, Health, Staff BoT Rep
Image of Charmaine McGowan Charmaine McGowan
Room 2 Teacher
Year 1
Co-ordinator Role: Choir
Image of Fiona Barnett Fiona Barnett
Room 3 Teacher
Year 2
Co-ordinator Roles: School Enviro Leader, Social Studies, Science
Image of Lata Govind Lata Govind
Room 4 Teacher
Year 2
Photo Coming Soon Nicole Simson
Room 6 Teacher
Years 3 and 4
Image of Jared Bath Jared Bath
Room 7 Teacher
Years 3 and 4
Co-ordinator Role: Sports and Physical Education
Image of Jacqui Miranda Jacqui Miranda
Room 8 Teacher
Years 4 and 5
Co-ordinator Role: Director of Religious Studies
Image of Clare Short Clare Short
Room 9 Teacher
Years 5 and 6
Co-ordinator Role: Literacy Coordinator
Image of Rachael Bolger Rachael Bolger
Room 11 Teacher
Years 7 and 8
Co-ordinator Role: Te Reo Maori
Image of Fiona Bolger Fiona Bolger
Room 12 Teacher
Years 7 and 8
Co-ordinator Roles: Kauri Syndicate Leader, Year 8 Camp
Photo Coming Soon Rebecca Blackwood
Room 13 Teacher
Years 7 and 8
Image of Mrs Wood Sarah Wood
Co-ordinator Role: ORS Specialist Teacher, Learning Through Play, Manuka Syndicate Teacher Release, Te Reo Maori
Mary Ryan
Part-time teacher
Classroom Teacher release and DRS release
Image of Anne-Marie Cassidy Anne-Marie Cassidy
Part-time Teacher – Classroom Teacher Release
Co-ordinator Roles: ESOL Teacher and International Student support
Image of Molly Kelly Molly Kelly
Part-time teacher – Classroom Teacher Release
Co-ordinator Role: School Production Director