Te Reo Māori / Kapa Haka

Our school’s Matauranga Māori Kaupapa (Māori Education Plan)

As part of our school’s commitment to honouring the indigenous language of our country, te reo Māori receives a particular emphasis at St Benedict’s School. We do this through a variety of ways.

Te reo Māori and tikanga Māori (the culture, traditions and customs of the Māori people) are essential components of our national heritage. While they define Māori in particular, they are integral to the identity of all New Zealanders.

Our school believes that by becoming increasingly familiar with te reo as a language, and tikanga, Māori students strengthen their identities, while students from other cultures  or ethnicities journey towards a shared cultural understanding.

As a means of further embedding tikanga Māori, we have a school-wide kapa haka (Māori performing arts) group. The measure of the success of our kapa haka programme can be seen in the large number of students that enthusiastically participate in these groups.