We aim to provide challenging and varied sporting experiences for all of our students.

During the year the entire schools takes part in swimming lessons at either Khandallah Easy Swim (New entrants to Year 2) or Keith Spry Pool (Year 3 to 8).

We make use of the facilities and instructors at Nairnville Park which is a short walk from school.  This allows us to provide our students with a wide range of sporting experiences and enhance what we are able to do here at school.

We look for and make the most of opportunities for our students to compete in Northern Zone and Wellington sports events.  Our students represent our school with great pride and regularly achieve top results at inter-school and regional events.


Please click below to access the Term 4 Miniball/Basketball Sign Up Form.

Sign Up Sheet For Term 4 2019 Miniball and Basketball

Basketball is a very popular sport at St Benedict’s School, with a large number of students participating in a very competitive league. It is played at the Narnville Recreation Centre on Friday nights and features schools from the surrounding areas. St Benedict’s School features prominently in the league achieving much success every year.

Many great players have emerged during the years and they are great leaders to their teams. As the players have progressed to college they have continued to be very successful also.

After the season is over Nairnville host a basketball all-star game. The best players from the league face each other in a game to see which team of good players wins.

My friends and I love playing basketball at St Benedict’s.  How about you give it a go!


Miniball is a game of basketball for Years 3-6 with a smaller court, less time; it is a lot more fun.

The basketball uniform is a blue singlet with the school P.E shorts. It is held at Nairnville Recreation Centre in Khandallah. It is thoroughly enjoyable and lots of schools in the area compete.


Netball is a challenging yet enjoyable sport for students of all ages. Children at St Benedict’s have the opportunity to compete for their school from Year 4 to Year 8.

Being a Year 6 netballer, I enjoy two practices a week and a competitive game on Saturday morning. During practices we work on skills, play friendly games against older teams and practice our shooting.

Netball is an enjoyable sport encouraging students to play fair and be great team players.

All other sports are organised through local sports clubs.