Vision and Mission

Developing our children’s minds, guiding our children’s hearts…

We are a school community which, in partnership with families and through our Catholic values, creates strong foundations where our students can truly become the best they can be, both now and in the future.


The Strategic Plan establishes the foundation for achieving a five-year vision for St Benedict’s School that will allow us to reach our potential as a school of Catholic character where all can have the opportunity to reach their potential.

St Benedict’s is a school that promotes achievement. We aim to make our curriculum delivery thorough and challenging where our students are happy, enthusiastic and motivated to learn. Our teachers strive for excellence and progress. Our parent involvement and support is excellent. Our students achieve highly in academic, sporting and cultural activities.

Catholic Character is a key element in the success of our school. This is promoted through a comprehensive Religious Education program, school liturgies and daily prayers. Importantly, Catholic Character is evident through the way we treat each other – by caring, with honesty, friendship, respect and consideration for others.

The St Benedict’s School Board of Trustees acknowledges that the recent removal of National Standards has altered some foci in this five year Charter (2017-2021). Please note that plans are currently being worked on by the school’s BoT, Principal, Leadership Team and staff to rewrite our Charter in line with the 2019 Ministry of Education guidelines. This revised Ministry of Education mandate will include a new four-year strategic plan and an annual implementation plan.

Read the Full St Benedict’s School Charter 2017-2021