Lunch Orders

Sushi Wednesday

You never have to think about Wednesday lunches again! Ordering is easy, it’s all online.

Log on to and select from 5 delicious varieties and 3 pack sizes.

  • Click on Create an account or “Join ezlunch” then select your school by typing in your school name. Remember to add your Child’s name in Delivery Details.
  • Easy to order – click on Sushi and select your first day to access the menu. ALL students can be ordered at once… just click on your child button next to the sushi you’d like. To repeat, click “Repeat Order” and use the interactive calendar to select more days.
  • More ways to pay. You can choose to pay by making an instant transfer from internet banking (Account2Account) or set up a direct debit or bill payment to load your account for regular orders – both options are free. Payments by credit or debit card are charged a small fee.

If you need assistance, contact the Helpdesk on toll free 0800 EZLUNCH (0800 395 8624) or email 8am-4pm school days.

Lunches Unlimited Thursday – menu

Please write the child’s name, class and order on an envelope and put money or cheque inside the envelope.  30c for cheque fee. Orders will be collected in the classroom first thing Thursday morning.

Hot items

Noodles – chicken or beef  $3.00
Mince Pie $2.80
Potato Top Pie $2.80
Hawaiian Pizza $2.80
Chicken Pie $2.80
Apple Pie $2.50
Savouries x 2 $2.50
Hot Dog – choose: sauce, mustard, cheese $2.80
Tomato sauce sachet $0.30
Chicken nuggets x 5 (includes sauce) $2.80

Filled items

Pita pocket $3.00
Panini $3.00
Filled roll $2.80
Toastie sandwich $2.50
Sandwich (brown or white bread) $2.50

FILLINGS (please choose): ham, salami, egg, cheese, pineapple, tomato, lettuce, spaghetti, mayonnaise, honey

Drinks $2.00
Mineral water
Orange juice
Calci Yum chocolate milk

Muffin of the day $2.00
Chocolate chip cookie – small $1.00
Chocolate chip cookie – large $2.50
Afghan – large $2.50
Cheese corn chips $1.80
Natural popcorn $1.80

Cold items
Fruit salad $1.80
Seasonal fruit $1.00
Moosie – chocolate or strawberry $1.50
Juicies – tropical or wild berry $1.50
Jelly red or lime $1.80

$5.00 meal deal

  1. Your choice of: mince pie, chicken pie, pizza or hot dog
  2. Small chocolate chip cookie
  3. Your choice of: water, orange juice, chocolate milk or Ribena