Room 12

Class blog:

Room 12 is a class of Year 7 & 8 students. The teacher is Fiona Bolger. We have a great room at the top of the stairs.

We are always busy learning lots of subjects: English, Maths, R.E., P.E., Art and topic studies like Science, Social Sciences and Health. Some topics we will cover this year include Early NZ History, Climate Change, Chemistry, Kia Kaha – Standing up for Ourselves, and the Commonwealth Games. In English, we are improving our writing skills in both formal essays and fictional stories.  We are also learning Spanish this year, as well as Te Reo Maori.

We work very closely with the other Intermediate class, Room 11. Both classes have a weekly task system, where each Monday students are given a weekly timetable and set of tasks to complete. They can use any class time that isn’t taken up with whole class or group lessons to work on whatever tasks they like, as long as they are all finished by Friday. This helps the students develop independence and time management skills. Everyone that finishes their work on time gets to join in our ongoing dodgeball battle against Room 11 on Friday afternoons.

One of our favourite times of the week is Monday afternoon when all the Room 11 & 12 students go on the bus to Technology at Mt Cook School. The students are split into five different classes there – Cooking, Woodwork, Sewing, Robotics and Electronics. Everyone gets a chance to do all five subjects. We also enjoy going to the Keith Spry Pool in Johnsonville during Term 2, where we get to do Kayaking, Diving or Snorkelling if we already know how to swim. During Terms 3 and 4, we go to the Nairnville Recreation Centre every Thursday for lessons in a wide range of sports. In Term 1, we do school-based PE lessons.

Our class is full of keen readers and we have a large classroom library, as well as access to the school library.

Year 7 & 8 students get the chance to take on leadership responsibilities such as being a House Captain, a Road Patroller, a Librarian, a First Aider, a Sports Monitor, a member of the Catholic Character Team, the Tech Support Team plus many more.  Service to the school, academic, cultural, sporting and Catholic Character achievements are all taken into account when students are considered for our system of Intermediate Award badges.

We have a class blog and most students have their own blogs linked from it so you can see what we have been doing lately. Check it out here: