Room 3

Room 3 is a lovely, bright and active Year 1 and 2 class in the Manuaka Syndicate.

We have a packed term ahead, having already enjoyed some great activities.  We believe in a fun, caring and supportive environment with inclusion for all.  We are taught by Mrs Wood and also lucky enough to have Winnie helping us too.

In Maths we are learning addition and subtraction using a range of number strategies to help us; Such as, skip counting, number pairs and place value.  We will also be looking at statistics.

Our daily writing focus this term is about ‘ideas’ and what we can write about and the information that is needed for the reader.  We practise our sounds and common spelling words to help us in our writing.  We are learning new reading skills and how to be better readers by using lots of strategies and taking books home that we enjoy sharing.

Our Religious Education focus is about ‘Ourselves’ and ‘Getting on together’ in conjunction with a police education unit ‘Kia Kaha’.  This helps us to develop great skills in being awesome St Benedict’s students and friends.

We enjoy a range of physical activities, such as swimming every Friday and go out for fitness every morning.  We visit the library every Thursday and love reading and sharing stories.  We also love to catch up with our friends in the Manuaka syndicate for singing and Te Reo once a week.

Each day is started with prayers and it is always great to have parents and family members join us.

We are looking forward to a very busy term and seeing the children grow and flourish.