Room 6


Room 6 is full of enthusiastic and caring Year 3 and 4 students.  We are taught by Miss Corich-Hermans, but once a week we are very lucky to have Mrs Woodbury teach us.  

In Room 6 we love to share our ideas and work together to solve problems.  We enjoy our maths, reading and writing lessons each day.  We also enjoy drama and art, and any other opportunities we get to share our creative talents!  During Term 1 we are having swimming lessons at Keith Spry pool, which we are very excited about.  We’re also excited about our weekly visits to the library, where we get to find lots of new books to read.

We always work hard to be helpful and kind class members.  We’re especially good at taking turns in the classroom and on the playground.  We try to show the school values everyday (empathy, perseverance, integrity and creativity).  We’re certainly EPIC kids!

We are really looking forward to 2016.  We hope that we’ll learn lots and also have heaps of fun!