Room 5

Room 5 is home to 24 cheerful, motivated and hard-working Year 3 students.  We are taught by Mrs Kerry Baughen and we have Leanne and Mrs Pasley who assist us in many ways. Our classroom is awesome – our work makes it bright and colourful, we have lots of windows, our own secret door to the library and a door straight out onto the playground.

We have established our classroom treaty, classroom responsibilities and organisational rosters. Everyone helps in Room 5 to have a smooth running classroom. We are beginning to be responsible for our own learning and working as a team.

In Mathematics we are working  hard to consolidate our number knowledge and the strategies that we use to solve real-world problems.

In Religious Education we are focusing on understanding and living our school values.

Literacy is helping us to understand and research what we read. We are developing many different styles of expressing ourselves and entertaining our readers. Spelling and vocabulary activities help us to add description and interest to our written work.

We visit the library weekly to browse and borrow books for ourselves and the class.  Penny, our school librarian, tells us all about new books and how our library works.

Room 5 goes out for fitness every day and the P.E leaders plan and organise these activities. We also go swimming, to Nairnville for activities and learn special skills from outside educators.

Art, Te Reo and Topic keep us busy learning all about our world.