Room 4

Room 4 students are busy making their room a great learning space, with their art and writing on display for others to enjoy. The fun activities provide learning opportunities as students explore a variety of topics. The  students are working together to make the classroom a good place to be and  treat each other kindly as they develop a greater understanding of empathy, perseverance, integrity and compassion.

We love reading in Room 4, and exploring and responding to the books we read with writing, drama and songs. We enjoy using our school library or having a visit to Khandallah library to see what’s happening in our community.

The school year will be busy with Schoolgen and enviro projects which some of the children are involved in, the school production, which is a great opportunity for performance and creativity, and Science and Social Science topics, that will ensure the students  begin to develop an understanding of the world they live in.

Room 4 always likes to grow things too; spring flowers, herbs and vegetables for our school gardens.   They learn new games and how they can be good sports at school and when they play in teams for local sports clubs.

We have a colourful, happy classroom and are looking forward to all 2017 has to bring.