Tui Block

The construction of Tui Block was completed on 10 December 2015. This is the biggest building project that has taken place since Room 7 was added several years ago. Work began on site on Monday 6th July 2015.

The new block consists of two classrooms in a two storey building that positioned into the bank at the southern end of the school. The classrooms are joined to the existing school building by a deck that runs between the top classroom and Room 8.

Each of the new classrooms have been constructed to meet the needs of 21st century learning.  As part of the new classroom project we installed a 4kw array of solar panels on the roof through the Schoolgen programme. We are a Schoolgen school and not only are we now able to produce some of the power we use each day but with the Schoolgen resources we are able to educate our students about sustainable energy generation.

Cardinal John Dew opened and blessed Tui Block the same day in front of the school and wider community.