Board of Trustees

Welcome to the St Benedict’s School Board of Trustees page.  Here you will find information about who we are, what our responsibilities are, what our priorities for the school are, and copies of meeting minutes.

About the St Benedict’s School Board

The board of trustees is the Crown entity responsible for the governance and the control of the management of the school, including certain legal obligations covering responsibility for property, personnel, the proper management of school finances, reporting to the Ministry and the school community.

Boards of Trustees for Catholic integrated schools comprise elected members and those appointed by the Proprietors. Appointees are full members of the Board with all the same rights and obligations of other members. They also have particular responsibilities with respect to property management and the Special Character of the school.

The St Benedict’s School Board of Trustees is made up of five parent representatives, four proprietor’s representatives, a teacher representative and the Principal.

Within the Board there are five areas that we represent and monitor:

  1. Catholic Character
  2. Excellence
  3. Communication
  4. Environment
  5. Health and Safety

Who We Are

  Richard Uerata-Jennings Board Chairperson
Parent Representative
  • Finance
  • Environment
  • Personnel
  Michael Hinds Principal
  • Involved in all sub-committees
  Anne Minto Teacher Representative  
  Amanda Gardner  Proprietor’s Representative
  • Catholic Character
  Ruth Burns Proprietor’s Representative
  • Catholic Character
  • Communications
  Dr Timothy Hanlon Proprietor’s Representative
  • Catholic Character
  • Communications
  John Lawson Proprietor’s Representative
  • Catholic Character
  Chris Cakebread Parent Representative
  • Communications
  • Environment
  Shayne Nahu Parent Representative
  • Personnel
  Anna McDougall Parent Representative
  • Communications
  • Environment
  Daniel Marks Parent Representative
  •  Finance

2020 BoT Meeting Dates

The Board officially meets eight times a year with sub-committee meetings taking place as required. This equates to a meeting every six weeks throughout the school year. The 2020 meeting dates are:

Wednesday 12th February

Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 6th May

Wednesday 17th June

Wednesday 29th July

Wednesday 9th September

Wednesday 21st October

Wednesday 2nd December (the Annual Parent Meeting is also on this date too) 

Charter and Annual Goals

2019-2021 Charter, Strategic Plan & Annual Goals

2019 – Annual BoT Newsletter

Please also refer to the weekly school newsletters for more regular updates and information from your school’s Board of Trustees.

BoT Annual Newsletter October 2019

2018 Audited Accounts

Financial Statements – St Benedict’s School – Year Ending December 2018

Contacting the Board

Board Chair: Richard Uerata-Jennings:

BoT Email: (checked periodically, mainly around survey and reporting time)



Catholic Character

Catholic character is fundamental to how our school operates. This sub-committee focuses on how the school teaches and demonstrates the Catholic values.

This includes ensuring that the school’s charter and policies reflect the philosophy of Catholic schooling, supporting staff professional development in Religious Education, and supporting events within the school and parish that promote our Catholic values.

We are joined by the teacher who leads the Religious Education programme in the school – Jacqueline Miranda.

Communications Committee

Our focus is on ensuring the school has an effective communications strategy.  This is aimed at providing clear, accessible information for students and their families, and also ensuring a strong profile in the local community.

In consultation with parents/caregivers we are upgrading our communications channels with continued improvements to website content, including more information relating to Board activities and decisions.   As part of the communication channels enhancements, a new, clearer and more concise digital newsletter was successfully launched in 2018.

Environment Committee

The School Environment Committee is responsible for ensuring that St Benedict’s School buildings and surrounds are safe and fit for purpose. The School Environment Committee works with the Principal and school leadership about plans for the school each year and with the Archdiocese to develop the 10 year property plan for the school. Though the land and buildings are owned by the Archdiocese of Wellington (Archbishop John Dew) the school Board of Trustees are required to maintain its upkeep and work with the Archdiocese to plan for future developments.

Responsibilities of the school and Archdiocese are clearly defined with the school being responsible for painting of the school, minor and general maintenance and replacing school furniture, equipment. Any environmental projects such as playground developments and ground enhancements require fundraising to fund the work. The Archdiocese is responsible for major capital works, health and safety infrastructure work on the buildings and grounds.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the school’s budget, administrative and audit controls within the school.

Each year the Finance Committee sets the draft budget in association with the external contractors who manage our accounts and prepare for Board approval for sign off.

The accounts are monitored on a monthly basis by our contractors where the Committee reviews, queries and then reports to each Board meeting the current state of the schools day-to-day finances.

The Finance Committee also prepares all finances for the external auditors each year.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is made of the Board Chair, Principal, the Parish Priest (or otherwise nominated person if no Priest) and a suitably qualified HR individual.

The Committee is responsible for selecting senior school appointments e.g. School Principal. Also, the Committee is required to oversee all “tagged” position appointments within the School.

The Committee also handles all employment and human resource issues as required.

Most Recent BoT Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Meeting held on 19 June 2019

Minutes of Meeting held on 31 July 2019

Minutes of Meeting held on 11 September 2019

Minutes of Meeting held on 23 October 2019

Minutes of Meeting held on 4 December 2019

As well as being located above, all signed hard copies of Confirmed Minutes are kept in the school office for public access.